Why is my student not enrolled?

A common reason for this issue is that a User is not first created in Thinkfic prior to enrollment.

When creating funnels with Groundhogg and Thinkific, you should always ensure the Create User action is in your funnel.

If the Create User action is left out, or omitted, from your funnel and the student is not known to Groundhogg as a Thinkific student, your enrollment steps will fail.

As an example with WooCommerce and Thinkific, a funnel should look like this and include the Create User step:

woocommerce thinkific step

Why does this happen?

When a user signs up for your school on Thinkific, they must first create an account and then be enrolled. This is duplicated in our Thinkific extension for Groundhogg and this is why there are two distinct steps:

  1. Create User
  2. Create Enrollment

When Create User is run for the first time, our extension saves your students thinkific ID to the contact’s meta information in Groundhogg. This means the step will be skipped in other funnels.

In summary, always include a Create User step in your Thinkific funnels that enroll students.