Mandatory / Custom Fields In Thinkific


Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the Thinkific API does not support mandatory fields for external creation of users. As such, if you are using our Groundhogg Thinkfic Extension to create users, you must disable any mandatory sign up fields.

Note: This does not apply if you are not creating Users in Thinkific with our Groundhogg Extension.

Why are mandatory fields not supported?

Our plugin uses the Thinkific API to communicate with your Thinkific school. One of these actions is creating users. Unfortunately, the current Thinkific API takes a non-standard approach to custom fields.

Taking an example of a phone number, the naming convention of this fields in the Thinkific API could look like this:

"custom_profile_field_definition_id": 1

As you can imagine, our plugin would need to make multiple calls to the API to work out this field and then map it back to your Groundhogg data. This causes two issues:

  • Extra set up for you, as you need to tell Groundhogg and Thinkific what custom fields you are using.
  • Our plugin needs to make extra calls to Thinkific and this slows everyone down.

If a custom and mandatory field is missing then the user will not be created and the overall funnel will fail.

Therefore, at the time of writing, the best solution is to capture any custom fields in Groundhogg and disable any mandatory fields in Thinkific.