How to sell a Thinkific Course with WooCommerce & Groundhogg

In this article, I am going to outline the steps required to sell a Thinkific course with WooCommerce. I’m going to be using Groundhogg and my Thinkfic extension, but the steps are broadly the same if you are using Zapier or similar.

First, you will require the following plugins:

I’m going to assume that:

  • You have set up a product in WooCommerce that represents your course, or courses, in Thinkfic.
  • When this product is sold, your customer will be enrolled in that course(s)

Step One – Triggering the Funnel

We need a Groundhogg funnel that is triggered by a WooCommerce purchase. In the following example, when the Consulting Package (Yearly) product is purchased, my funnel will begin:

thinkific product purchase woocommerce

Step Two – Creating a Thinkific User

Now that the funnel has started, we need to ensure that a new user is created in Thinkific. To do this, we will use the funnel action of Create User. Note, we are not setting the users password and we are sending them the welcome email from Thinkific (You are free to adjust these settings if you wish)

thinkific create user woocommerce

Step Three – Creating a Thinkific Enrollment(s)

Lastly, we need to enrol the user in their chosen course(s). You will need to find your course ID(s). To do this, read this article here.

Once you have found your course IDs, you will need to add the Create Enrollment action to your funnel and enter the course IDs:

thinkific enroll course woocommerce

In my example, I have entered three-course IDs, the user will be immediately enrolled and they will have access for 365 days.

Congrats! Your funnel is now ready to sell Thinkfic courses with WooCommerce. Simply activate your funnel, test it and get selling!