Creating Thinkific Products in WooCommerce

To get started, we will assume you have installed the WooCommerce extension for Thinkific. If you haven’t, install and configure it prior to proceeding.

To create or link an existing product in Thinkific, simply open an existing product in WooCommerce or click Products, then Add New

Give you new product a name and add description if you so wish. Likewise, you are free to add product images. Furthermore, you should set standard WooCommerce fields like price, stock availability etc.

In the Thinkific WooCommerce section, you have a number of options:

Linked Thinkific Product: This the Thinkific course, or bundle, that this WooCommerce product is related to. If you so wish, multiple WooCommerce products can be related to the same Thinkific course but this is not recommended.

Create Enrollment: When checked, the user that buys this product in WooCommerce will be enrolled in that course in Thinkific.

Days to Expiry: This is the number of days a user will have access to this course from the day they buy it in WooCommerce. Leave blank for no expiry (Not recommended)

Sync Data from Thinkific: When enabled, the WooCommerce product will be enriched with data from Thinkific each time the product in WooCommerce is saved or updated.

Enable Alumni Discount: See specific documentation

Enable Thinkific Coupon Generation: See specific documentation.

In the following example, the user who buys this course will be enrolled in the Accounting Course for 60 days, and the WooCommerce product will be enriched by Thinkific.

thinkific woocommerce setup product

When you have finished setting up your product, click Publish or Update.

Important Notes – Read Fully & Carefully!

  • Updates in WooCommerce are not sent to Thinkific, and vice versa. Therefore when you update a course in Thinkific, you must open the product in WooCommerce and click Update. This will trigger a refresh from Thinkific and pull in the latest information.
  • The plugin does not automatically set pricing as per your pricing in Thinkific. You must set your pricing in WooCommerce. We recommend only selling via WooCommerce if you are using this plugin.
  • You should set the WooCommerce product so that it can only be sold individually. If a user buys more than one of your WooCommerce products, they will only be enrolled once. To sell multiple accesses in a single purchase please review our coupon documentation.
  • The customer must supply a full name and email to be enrolled. Please ensure your checkout collects this information if you have modified it.
  • All updates are asynchronous meaning they can take between 1 and 5 mins to complete. Please wait up to 5 mins when you update a product in WooCommerce for the data to arrive from Thinkific. We recommend using a server based cron to increase the speed of enrollment.